Pouch Creamy Garlic

Creamy Garlic 2 oz.

$ 5.00

French onion dip on steroids is the best way to describe our Creamy Garlic Dip. If you love the smooth, creamy taste of onion dip or onion soup, this is it!

Product Description

Fresh garlic and chives make this a perfect pick for chips or a super topping for baked potatoes. Check out our delicious smoked meatloaf recipe that uses a package of the Creamy Garlic Dip. Too tasty to be just a dip!

Ingredients: garlic, water, citric acid, chives, black pepper, onion, green peppercorn, pink peppercorn

Additional Information

Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 1.2 x 4 in


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