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For the love of Garlic!

One thing for sure these days, if your cooking for yourself or a family event the smell of garlic in the house just makes everything better, people smile more, get excited when they open the door from a long day at work and are just proven to be happier people in general.

Did you also know there are many many health benefits from ingesting a garlic infused diet? These are the top 8:

  1. Helps cure hypertension
  2. Helps with cold and flu symptoms
  3. Reduces high cholesterol levels
  4. Beneficial in digestion
  5. Gives relief from intestinal issues
  6. It’s highly nutritious, but has very few calories
  7. A diet high in allium-rich diets (garlic, onion, leeks) are less likely to develop osteoarthritus.
  8. A natural anti-inflammatory

With all this said garlic is amazing to add to your diet!

Ellbee’s Garlic Seasonings makes it easy, Happy Cooking and Many Blessings

Linda & Brent Styer