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Since 1996 we’ve been making the tastiest American-made, MSG and gluten-free moist, garlic seasonings.

Our garlic seasonings start with just that–fresh minced garlic. Then we marry that delicious, aromatic garlic with an array of fresh herbs, spices, and zests for a buzz of flavor that dried seasonings just can't match. It's the freshest, easiest way to turn ordinary food into gourmet delicacies!

Try all eight and have weeks of mouth-watering meals for your family.

  • Original – still our #1 seller. A must have for every kitchen.
  • Zesty – because some like it hot!
  • Tuscan – a sun dried tomato and herb blend; wonderful flavors for Mediterranean dishes.
  • Sweet & Smokey – perfect ratio of brown sugar and smoked paprika makes pork chops and ribs on the grill finger-licking-good.
  • Asian Zing – fresh ginger and minced garlic with a hint of lemon grass that will infuse meats, fish, stir-fry and seafood with flavors that will knock your socks off.

We also take the same ingredients and offer Brines. There’s so much goodness and flavor in all of Ellbee’s products your food will never be the same and you’ll be back for more.

Ellbee’s Garlic Yearning for a special, fun way to earn some money for your favorite charity? Calling all schools, bands, sports teams, and local non-profits–come on into Ellbee’s General Store for a night of old fashioned soda, ice cream floats, and cones! You provide the staff to work the soda bar (commonly known as soda jerks!) and we give back 10% of total sales for the night. These events are incredibly light-hearted and wildly successful! Ellbee's Garlic Fundraiser Have your kids repeatedly sold wrapping paper and butter braids for their school or group and need a change? Why not sell something made locally that’s uncommonly good–Ellbee’s is a delicious, widely-appealing product that many of your friends and family may not have tried yet. We have brochures for your kids to show their customers and proceeds can be up to 40% of sales. One of the best-selling features is that we’re locally made so buyers are supporting their community and they don’t have to wait weeks to get their goods! Contact us today to see how we can help. 314-570-5468
Ellbee’s Garlic Seasonings made for all seasons, year round product sales. Fits in every store that caters to healthy eating, easy entertaining, grilling, cooks looking for delicious results. We fit every category of your customers' needs: grilling, oven roasting, slow cooking, meats, and vegetables. We are totally Gluten Free, MSG free, and made in the USA. Our Ellbee’s Team employs Autistic adults to carry out important jobs such as labeling, folding, cutting and packaging. Keep America working and Spice up your bottom line with our garlic flavors. Let Ellbee’s be your recipe for success! Contact us today by simply filling out the wholesale form. Our friendly sales associate will be in contact with you and send you out information and a sample to see for yourself that Ellbee’s Garlic Seasonings are the best buzz your food has ever had!


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Asian Pork (Asian Zing)

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Garlic Burgers

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